Alive 05/11/2012
I've been stuck eating soup, mac and cheese, chocolate cream of wheat, mashed potatoes, and anything else mushy. So so sore and not looking forward to working in pain tomorrow :( How is every one doing?
Issues 05/08/2012
I am trying to reply to a few of your comments but it's not letting me! I'm gonna work on that. My surgery went VERY well. Only little pain here and there. Mac and Cheese it the easiest thing for me to eat and so is broth. Mom has a soup cooking that we just made up as we went and it's in the crock pot. Once the veggies are soft I'll be eating that mostly. Dad bought me mashed potatoes, easy mac, and chocolate cream of wheat. Might not be healthy but it's all I can eat for a few days. I have no money at the moment. But as an update I have lost SIX POUNDS since I started on Saturday! WHOOT! Talk to you all tomorrow!
Oh My! YUM! 05/07/2012
Well today mostly was very boring. My breakfast was the chocolate banana protein shake (which is good for the morning). My snack was air popped pop corn (plain) and a 100 calories Special K Fruit Crisp bar. My lunch was a Lean Pocket. And my last snack was a Cliff Bar. I worked an 8 hour day starting at 6:30am. I've walked a total of 7,000 steps! I'm proud of myself for walking that much. I never said on here but I have hip issues due to cheerleading accidents and abuse for many years so it is hard to walk! The worst is walking on the beach! I'm lucky if I can make it down to the water before crying! Anyways I am here to share about my DINNER!! My oh my was it YUMMY! The links to the recipe will be bellow! My dinner in all was only 250 calories about! I encourage those of you who can already eat to try this out! Well tomorrow at 2:15 I will be in surgery getting all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled. So I will blog tomorrow at noon! You all are doing so well!!!!! Please tell me your progress! :)
Enough Is Enough 05/06/2012
I have made a total of 7 dishes and out of them all I only liked two! I am not liking the fact that I can't stand the food I am eating. I can't sit here for two weeks eating blended food I am having to force myself to eat or like. So here is my alternative "diet". Stick to the shakes in the morning and one snack is substituted with a protein shake. Still using non fat and low fat products. Make a small lunch like half a sandwich and veggies and drink plenty of water. Watch your portions and if you're buying pre-done food watch out for carbs and calories. Try to go no higher than 350 cal! I am still going to follow the fitness plans and the phase two recipes. This is just way to big of a drastic food change for me to do. But I am not giving up! Please don't think I am giving up. We are standing strong together for weight-loss and a healthier life! Mine is just in an alternative way! I recommend looking at recipes through the link. My mango smoothie and veggie dip were just awful! 

So back to Ralph's it is to return my tofu and water chestnuts. I am going to use up everything else!

So today has been quite the experience. I didn't walk as much as I would have liked to but I did take 7,500 steps today! I will just add on 2,500 steps to tomorrow. I just got off work and I work in a grocery store so my cravings were already starting! People brought cake and mexican food for Cinco de Mayo. I took a very small bite of the pork and took 4 tortilla chips to eats with my black bean soup dinner which was quite good. The best meal of the blend diet so far! I went to costco with my parents today and had a bite of some of the stuff they sampled but that was about it for my "cheating". I wouldn't call it cheating seeing how I hardly ingested any "bad" calories. One thing I am noticing is I am a little hungry at times so I bought gum to help calm my tummy and I am drinking a LOT of water! Make sure to hydrate yourself! Now as for my snack today... I had the spicy bean dip. Let's just say that recipe needs a little work. I would cut back on the garlic and onions, add some fat free sour cream, and maybe a little more spices (salt-free). Also I recommend chilling it first. Next I had the Broccoli soup. It was WAY too grainy for me! I have a texture problem and I was having my own Fear Factor challenge going on. But I ate it! ALL OF IT! And for that I think I deserve a cookie! *figuratively speaking of course*. The chocolate banana protein shake will be my go-to snack if I end up not liking the dip. If I won't eat it then at least the dogs will! Well it's off to bed to get my beauty rest! No work for me so I have lots of time to focus! Tomorrow will be filled with gym time, doggy walking and homework!

I do have to admit, I really enjoy preping and making the food :) Just eating it will take a little bit 
Well... This morning I had a strawberry banana smoothie and it was OKAY. I think it's the fiber powder I had to add in, it made it a little chalky but after I added truvia it wasn't so bad. Plus it was extremely thick! I also have tried using my pedometer with my phone but I don't think it's accurate so I might go purchase a cheap one today. I'm not feeling completely full and it's only been an hour plus it's my first day. They say over a couple days my body will be used to it. I'm still going strong!
Well today I went shopping for all this weeks ingredients. It came out to a whopping $42 (plus I used coupons so it would have been $72.50-$2.07 per meal). Not bad. That it's about $1.20 a meal! I feel really good about this diet. I hope it tastes alright though! Either way I am going to push through this! I have a partner in crime, my mom. She is going through this with me so I am excited to have a partner! Part of me is so excited I want to start it now! But I know come tomorrow I will be counting down the minutes until I can have a solid meal again! Today I taking my before photos and also my measurements! I figured I'd take measurements every three days. Wish me luck! :)


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