I have made a total of 7 dishes and out of them all I only liked two! I am not liking the fact that I can't stand the food I am eating. I can't sit here for two weeks eating blended food I am having to force myself to eat or like. So here is my alternative "diet". Stick to the shakes in the morning and one snack is substituted with a protein shake. Still using non fat and low fat products. Make a small lunch like half a sandwich and veggies and drink plenty of water. Watch your portions and if you're buying pre-done food watch out for carbs and calories. Try to go no higher than 350 cal! I am still going to follow the fitness plans and the phase two recipes. This is just way to big of a drastic food change for me to do. But I am not giving up! Please don't think I am giving up. We are standing strong together for weight-loss and a healthier life! Mine is just in an alternative way! I recommend looking at recipes through the link. My mango smoothie and veggie dip were just awful! 

So back to Ralph's it is to return my tofu and water chestnuts. I am going to use up everything else!

5/6/2012 09:45:03 am

Oh no! So sorry you are not loving the food. I have not begun actually eating the shakes, but I prepped everything tonight so I am ready to start strong tomorrow. I blended 1 dip and 2 soups and will be having the strawberry banana smoothie in the morning for bfast.
I wonder if an alternative for you might be to eat the ingredients on the list, just not all blended up together. I was considering that this evening as I was putting together the taco dip - I like to eat cottage cheese, and I like to munch on navy beans so I could always just eat that instead of mushing it all up... which was a pain in the blender by the way. I finally put it in a pot and used my immersion blender to get it creamy. Take care, and I hope the rest of the week goes better!!!

Chelsea McKie
5/6/2012 10:42:29 am

Well you do have a nice point. I just was having a HUGE issue with the texture. I used to belong to this website called sparkpeople.com. They have a recipe site too (sparkrecipes.com). That worked fanominal! I just hated entering everything that I ate. It's so time consuming! But if you go to the recipe website you can look at all foods 250 cal and under or by poultry or by occasion! So I am going to keep all the ingredients, still do the smoothies (and the black bean soup cause it's really good) and just make another 200 cal snack and a 250 cal lunch and dinner! I think this might work. I'm not too sure how many step I have taken today but my estimate is 3,500. I'm 1/3 of the way done with my steps for today. But right now I am going to do my homework. My gym is open until 11pm so I'll go there later to finish it up.

5/8/2012 03:36:35 am

I totally understand what u mean. I think it is so unhealthy what they were having us eat. We need at least one low calorie meal because this diet was kind of making me crazy and making me crave lots of unhealty foods. I was also in a horrible mood. My mom made chicken taccos last night and i didn't put sour creme on them and i still liked them. they were under 275 calories for 2 with low fat cheese and no sour creme and homemade pico de gallo. I felt much better after that. I think i will do 3 blended meals and one health regular meal. I am not giving up either I just need a change.


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